“We recently moved to a flat in South London with a small garden. The garden space had not been well kept and needed substantial work. We planned to redesign the space with raised beds and a sandstone paved central area for eating. After seeking estimates for the work from a variety of sources we decided to go with Harry James Gardens. The deciding factor was principally around the fact that Harry turned up at the exact time he said he would, provided a quote within 24 hours and also seemed very sensitive to style of garden we were aiming for.  He clearly had a wealth of experience in landscaping work and seemed entirely unphased by some of the more challenging aspects of the task! He booked us in for work to begin within a couple of months and started exactly as planned.

In terms of the work done, we couldn’t be happier. The end result has exceeded our expectations and the work was completed on time and within budget. It would be remiss not to add that Harry and his team managed to cart nearly 3 tonnes of soil and rubble through our flat during the days and every day we returned home to a clean flat! We can unreservedly recommend their services!”

James Galloway, Camberwell