Artificial Grass


Example Projects

Artificial Grass or Astroturf is like Marmite. You either like it or you really do not like it (at all). Real grass can never be beaten. However, fake grass does have its benefits. For instance, it never needs cutting yet always appears finely clipped. Where real grass can struggle in shady or damp areas, artificial grass is an effective alternative. It is also ideal as a playing surface for children, meaning that the grass can take as much wear and tear as you like.

Whilst the texture of real grass can never be perfectly replicated, the higher end products of artificial grass are soft to touch and are becoming more and more convincing to the eye.

As important as the surface is what is underneath. Ideally you should have 3” of crushed aggregate at the base with 2” of compacted sharp sand on top of that. A weed membrane must be placed directly underneath the artificial grass and a foam, shock absorbing pad is optional. The turf should be rolled out and fixed in place using nails driven in to timber edging.