Example Projects

A well trained and well pruned Wisteria really takes some beating.

I have pruned many Wisterias over the years with great effect and enormous satisfaction. Once one knows exactly how to prune it one can carry out the task efficiently and effectively. Below you will find a basic guide on how to maintain

One should establish a neat framework and keep it low enough to allow safe maintenance.
Once you have tied your framework in place you will need to prune 3 or more times a year. Firstly, in autumn, the new shoots of that year need to be cut back (with sharp secateurs) to 6 buds from where they started. Then, in mid-winter, the same shoots need to be reduced back to 3 buds. The goal is to manipulate the plant into producing as many clusters of flowering buds as possible. After flowering, if the plant is particularly vigorous, it will need taming during the summer more than once. This means cutting back any wayward, arching growth. Some of the more vigorous stems can be tied in to the wall to fill an empty space.

Time and effort does need to be taken with this fabulous plant. However, come April, you will reap your rewards and admire your hard work.